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Charesse Chester

Founder of Real Talk for Moms

Dear Real Mom,

I've met a United States President, ziplined in Costa Rica, and started my own PR business. For each moment, I experienced absolute excitement! My most exhilarating personal experience; however, happened when I became a parent. Parenting is my most important life assignment. The breadth of my responsibilities was magnified after my divorce. Daily I question whether or not the decisions I make are best. Did I pick the right school? Is this church the right fit? Do my children really know their family history? How often should I mommy check my kid's cell phones?


Navigating today's world as a mom requires me to be real. Real about teen pressure; real about college costs; and real about the power of technology in my home. It is absolutely necessary for me--and the millions of moms living duplicative lives across this country--to keep my eyes wide open on my children. I must be engaged and the pressures of today's society demand it. Will I miss? I'm sure I will, but with God's help, I plan to give it a real effort. 


Parenting is rewarding; it will offer even greater rewards if we simply celebrate the process and honor moms along the way!


Real Mom,